Join Auctions No Credit Card Required

Want to join an auction site and not have to put in your credit card when you join? Well, at auctions there is no credit card required when you join. In fact, unlike most penny auction sites it never costs you anything to bid or to register so you can feel totally secure about joining in on all the great auctions here.

The biggest sellers at are jewelry and watches. They have literally thousands of these auctions going on all the time. If you are looking for great deals on diamond rings, gold and silver necklaces, engagement rings, bracelets, Rolex watches, Lamborghini watches and and an entire inventory of other name brand watches and genuine jewelry then is for you.

On, and don’t be concerned about the merchandise not being genuine at They only sell 100% authenticated items, unlike what you may get at eBay sometimes because you never really know who you are buying from. And they have some of the top name brand items that you will find anywhere on the web at prices that can’t be found elsewhere.

We’re not only talking about jewelry and watches here either. Although that’s how Bidz started out, they have since expanded into all kinds of other items including purses, belts, fine art, home and garden, toys, figurines, electronics and much more. They have something for every member of the family up for auction there. In fact, lots f people are looking for alternatives to eBay these days and is the perfect alternative auction site.

If you want to find an alternative to expensive penny bid auction sites where you may not win (and then you are out the cost of your bids unless you buy at retail) or you are tired of dealing with eBay, or maybe you just want to find some great prices on jewelry and watches, the head on over to, join for free now and start looking for great deals that can’t be beat anywhere else.

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There are tons of auction sites out there today with all the penny auction websites coming online all the time and what I usually blog about on this site is penny auctions but, because there are so many good deals to be found on other similar type sites, you need to check out

Now, is not a penny auction, but you can still save a ton of money there by getting in on some incredible auction deals. While you may not find prices as low at as you do at some penny auction sites, you will find prices very close to those great deals, but the best thing about Bidz is that you do not have to pay to bid. It doesn’t cost $1 per bid at, it doesn’t cost 75 cents per bid, it doesn’t cost 60 cents per bid (the going rate) and it doesn’t even cost 10 cents to bid. It costs absolutely nothing to bid at

It also costs nothing to join as well. So you can join, place bids on whatever kind of items you want and if you don’t win anything, you are never out any money. The one and only time you pay for anything at this auction site is when you win an item, then you pay for it and a small shipping cost, that’s it! started out mainly as a jewelry and watches auction site, but they have evolved into more by offering all kinds of things such as accessories, purses, sunglasses, electronics, some cell phone accessories, handbags, purses, a limited selection of clothes and so much more.

The jewelry and watches selection is also second to none. They have all kinds of jewelry including wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and they have major luxury brands of watches such as Rolex, Lancaster, Tonino Lamborghini, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and many, many more. I don’t think you will ever run out of great jewelry and lots and lots of watches.

Join now for free and find some incredible deals as a great alternative to penny auction sites.

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Are you familiar with the auctions site With the advent of the recent penny auctions phenomenon, is a refreshingly different alternative to auctions where you have to pay to bid on items. With Bidz, it is always free to join and it is always free to bid on any auction and if you fail to win an auction, no big deal because you have nothing invested in any particular auction because your bids cost you absolutely nothing!

With some penny auction sites your bids will cost you anywhere from 60 cents to $1 and you can find some great deals at these sites, but if you don’t win the item or items you are bidding on, then you will lose the cost of your bids if you don’t buy the item you were bidding on at retail price, minus the cost of your bids, of course. When you join, that will never happen because your bids never cost you anything.

Bidz auctions are famous for great brand name and jewelry and luxury watches such as Rolex and other top brands such as Swiss Eagle, Valentino, AquaSwiss, Tonino Lamborghini, Gucci, Strumento Marino and many, many more. These are all certified genuine brand name items unlike what you can end up with at eBay because you don’t really know who you are dealing with.

Besides jewelry and watches, also has accessories such as men’s and women’s sunglasses, electronics, some computer items, handbags, purses, figurines, belts and a whole bunch more items. Bidz just keeps growing and growing and you can get some great deals on all kinds of stuff and save a ton of money over retail prices. After looking over the site and looking at a ton of auctions it looks like there are lots of items and auctions that are much better deals than at eBay. Even sellers at eBay have a hard time auctioning off items as low as what you will find at

Remember, it is always free to join and free to bid at so don’t miss out on the great deals going on right now. Join in on all the savings right here.

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Calvin Klein Sunglasses Deals At

Need a new pair of designer shades and don’t want to pay the high retail price? Then check out the Calvin Klein sunglasses up for auction at As you can see at the right, the price for these designer glasses is way below the retail price of $240. At only $84 right now with just 49 minutes left to bid.

It’s hard to find a deal like that anywhere else other than at You can find pretty good discounts at places like and other ecommerce websites, but you probably can’t find real discounts at up to 65% off, except at the jewelry, watches and accessories auctions.

And you will definitely be styling with these cool designer shades from Calvin Klein and who has to know that you didn’t pay the full retail price? Nobody but you, that’s who. Yes, you could pay the full retail price of $240 for these shades, but why would you when you can pay way, way less?

Go ahead and join for free, bid for free and try and win these great looking Calvin Klein sunglasses for way less than you’d pay in any retail store. And if you lose the auction, unlike at penny auctions, you just walk away and you don’t lose anything. And if you want to try to get another pair of sunglasses, just jump in and start bidding on any other auction that interests you. Don’t worry, you will never lose money on auctions because you bid for free, always!

Join and start bidding on this Calvin Klein sunglasses auction right now. Don’t miss out on this great deal.

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iPod Dock Clock Deal

How many of us have wanted to listen to our iPod music through stereo speakers instead of listening through your ear buds. Sometimes you just want to listen to a room full of sound instead of the tiny sounds that come through something you put into your ears. And what happens when you want someone else to listen to something on your iPod along with you? The answer is to get an iPod dock clock.

With this iPod dock clock up for auction at, you never have to worry about how you are going to listen to your iPod with a fuller sound. And not only does it let you listen to your iPod, it is also an alarm clock, and an AM and FM radio tuner. And beyond that it also charges your iPod while it is plugged in so you don’t have to fight with other members of your household for the only iPod charger in the house.

Oh yes, I almost forgot about one important thing, the price. As you can see up above, the price for the iPod dock clock up for auction at right now is only $28 when the retail price is $105. That means that you are going to save $77 right now. Yea, the price will go a little higher, but it will not be at the retail price of $105 or anywhere near it. And if you look at the time left on this auction, over 15 hours at the time of this post, that means it will end some time around the 3 AM in the morning meaning if you can stay up that long, you will probably get a great price because not a lot of other people will be bidding.

Oh, one more thing. is completely free to join and it costs nothing to place bids and if you don’t win an item, you don’t lose any money because your bids have cost you nothing! That’s one big difference here between and all the penny auction sites.

Join now for FREE and get in on this iPod dock clock before it’s gone.

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