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When it comes to penny bid auction sites, some people are getting great deals on all kinds of merchandise such as TVs, laptops and of course the ever popular iPad from Apple. If you play the auction right, you can be the beneficiary of one of these great deals as listed to the left.

This is an actual screenshot taken right from and features 3 of their recently close auction of a widescreen computer monitor, an Apple iMac and an Apple iPad. As you can see the 23″ wide monitor went for only $13.27, the 21.5″ iMac went for $85.06 and the iPad, which everyone seems to want these days, went for $45.92. Those prices are between 60% and 95% off of retail price. Really, you can’t do mch better than that for brand new items.

The trick with penny auction is to make sure you understand the rule of bidding, make sure you have enough bids, place your bids at the appropriate time, and then of course, pay for your item.

Once you understand how everything works, you then have to become a member of whichever penny auction site you choose, get a bid pack (they come in various denominations) and then start bidding when appropriate.

We recommend the auction site and you can join the site and start bidding here.

You won’t find these kind of deals at eBay anytime soon.

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