Current Wavee Penny Auctions

One of the better penny auctions sites that people are finding good deals on is and as I am looking over the site I see all kinds of bargains people are snagging up for something like 80 to 90% off of retail prices.

For example, as pictured to the right there’s an auction going on at the time of this post for a Nikon D40 digital camera and the price is around $91 (may be higher or sold by the time you see it) while the regular retail price on (camera kit with lens, camera bag and accessories) is around $700, not a bad savings for your next camera.

And as I look at the recently closed auctions (a great feature on Wavee) I see several bargains that people have recently scored such as an HP Netbook for $46.95 (a 75% savings off of retail), a Casio Sports Wrist Watch for 4 cents, all kinds of DVDs such as The Blind Side for just a few pennies, a Western Digital 2 T hard drive for only 38 cents, a frozen yogurt and ice cream maker for only $2.80 and lots, lots more. It’s fun to just look through the closed auctions section and just check out the incredible deals some people are getting for way under retail price.

You can get in on the action to by heading over to and joining up.

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