Wavee.com Choose Your Auction Feature

Wavee.com penny auctions has a great feature at their site that I haven’t seen on any other penny bid auction site. The feature is known as the “Choose Your Auction” feature and it means exactly what it says.

When you go to Wavee.com and look at the current auctions going on, if you click on that particular auction you will notice at the top of the page with a little icon that says FUSE and “We let you choose the item you want for this auction!” and then there will be several items to look at going horizontally across the page and then scroll arrows on either end of the 9 or 10 items pictured. There are probably 20 or 30 different items you can choose from on each auction as you keep scrolling.

All of the items are around a similar price so you won’t get a $1,000 TV for the auction price of a travel coffee mug, but you are able to choose almost whatever you want within the same price as whatever it is you are bidding on.

The Wavee Chose Your Auction feature is officially known as Wavee FUSE and it is a nice little added bonus that sets Wavee apart from many of the other penny auction sites. If you want to join up Wavee, see how the process works and grab some great deals yourself, you can sign up for Wavee here.

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