Wavee.com Penny Auction Site

Another one of the big players in the penny auction game is Wavee.com and as far as being able to navigate around these kind of sites Wavee is probably the easiest. As I’m writing this post I see several great penny auctions going on for items such as a Samsung N150 Netbook computer, the newest Apple iPod Touch 32 Gig, a Nikon D40 digital camera, an Amazon Kindle 3G and lots more items.

One of the things I like the most about Wavee.com is everything is easy to find and each individual item that is listed is large. What I mean by that is on other auction sites there may be as many as 60 items listed on the home page where as on Wavee there are only 15 items listed. This makes finding out the details of a particular item, such as item price, time left to bid and top bidder much easier to see that if you were trying to look through 60 auctions.

Also, when you search auctions at Wavee the results are displayed in the same style as they are listed on eBay with one major difference, while they are listed in the eBay horizontal style, there are no other ads, articles, banners or other content to distract you from finding items that you just searched for. Simple is much better.

Bids on Wavee.com will cost you 75 cents each so you want to be careful on how many times you place a bid for an item you want. You can always look at closed auctions to get a feel for the price similar items sell for and then start your bidding when it gets close to the same amount.

One nice thing I’ve noticed about Wavee compared to other penny auction sites is that on most auctions when you win that item, you also get a substantial amount of bid credits as a bonus. For instance, I’m watching an auction for a Canon EOS Rebel XSi Digital SLR Camera right now and if you are the winner, you get an additional 120 bid credits at no extra charge.

As always when joining any auction site, make sure you read the rules on how to participate and how to bid and use all the tools available to members. This can save you a lot of time, a lot of money and help you get the most from these sites and some great merchandise at exceptional prices, some just in time for Christmas, but only if you join soon.

You can join Wavee.com here.

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