Apple iPad 16GB At BozBids

If you’ve been shopping for an Apple iPad 16GB and have been put off by the $499 or higher price, then check out the prices at BozBids penny auctions. You won’t be paying that $499 price (or $599 for 3G) or even a discount price of maybe $100 off either of those somewhere else. You’ll probably be paying more like $15 to $75, or even less.

Yes, those are the kind of deals you’re going to find at places like and other penny bid auction sites. And with the auction you see to the left, if you win that one, you’ll also get a 100 bid pack as well.

But back to the cool Apple iPad 16GB and all of its great features. With the iPad you will get everything you get on an iPhone or iPod Touch and much more. Obviously the screen is much bigger at 9.7 inches measured diagonally. You also get an enhanced Safari browser for surfing the net, access to the App Store with over 140,000 apps, may of them free (I have tons of free apps on my iPod Touch). Add to that, wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the powerfull 1GHz A4 chip from Apple, 10 hour battery power, all your music via iTunes, iBooks, HD video, enhanced email and much much more.

If you’ve been looking for a device that’s more powerful than your iPhone, but smaller than your laptop, then the Apple iPad is the device for you. I mean, there are about 3 million of these puppies out in the market today and they’re still selling like crazy, but remember, you won’t be getting a better deal on one of them than at a site like Boz Bids penny auctions.

Check out the deals on the Apple iPad 16G and all kinds of other electronics and other merchandise at today. Really, don’t miss out on these incredible bargains and cheap electronics.

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