How To Win BidRivals Auctions

Want to know how to win BidRivals auctions? There are some clues in the video below, so it is worth watching, but read below after the video for some more detailed secrets to getting the most from your bids at

One of the easiest ways to win an auction at Bid Rivals or any penny auction site is to know in advance, before you start bidding, how much the same or like items are selling for on the site. For instance, since your bids at most penny bid auction sites average about 75 cents you obviously want to spend them wisely. So, in light of that, why would you start bidding on an item and the very beginning of one of these auctions? If you do that you are throwing your money away.

So what’s the bidding strategy to get around that? Most sites including have a section where you can look at auctions that are already closed. Heck, even eBay has a section like this. What good does this information do? If you know the approximate price level an item has closed at in the past, that means you can start bidding when the price on your similar items get to that same level, instead of bidding 75 each time when you have little to no chance of winning that coveted iPad, laptop computer or whatever it is you have your heart set on.

One of the nice things about Bid Rivals is that if you do spend a lot on bids and then don’t win the auction, you can still buy the item you wanted at the retail price and subtract the price of the bids that you already paid for and placed on that specific auction. You win either way.

If you want, you can join Bid Rivals here.

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