HP 2010i Monitor At Wavee Penny Auctions

Want a nice HP monitor for your computer? Right now at Wavee.com there’s an HP 2010i monitor up for auction at a bargain price. The same monitor at Amazon.com right now is priced at $140, but at Wavee you can start bidding at a ridiculous 15 cents as you can see in the picture to the right and it may not even go over a dollar. Think you will ever find a deal like that over at Amazon or any other discount shopping site?

Bidding on items at Wavee penny auctions is simple. All you have to do is join up, get yourself some bids and start placing them on the cool gadgets, computers, game consoles or whatever it is your heart desires. But back to the HP computer monitor. It’s a 20″ WSXGA widescreen monitor that has a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 and has built in speakers. You can connect it to just about any computer and you can get it for a lot less than anywhere else, even Best Buy.

There’s a chance that by the time you’re reading this post the auction has already closed but, don’t worry because there will be more computer monitor auctions along with all kinds of other discount deals. Maybe you need a laptop, or a Garmin GPS system, or a Nikon digital camera or something else. Whatever you want you can probably find it a Wavee.com.

Join the Wavee penny auction site and see what you can find.

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2 Responses to HP 2010i Monitor At Wavee Penny Auctions

  1. Sounds great until you realize this is just a gambling site where you are gambling on how much it will sell for and have a premium rate number to bill you for your bet (win or lose the auction the phone call will almost certainly cost more than your possible purchase).

  2. alanlest says:

    That’s the way Wavee.com works. The rate number you are referring to doesn’t make sense. At Wavee you purchase a bid pack and pay a set amount for your bids, you aren’t billed anything more for your bids.

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