Wii And Wii Sports Resort Red Edition On Wavee.com

Miss your chance to get a Wii console for Christmas? Not to worry, right now there’s a Wii Limited Edition Red bundle up for auction on Wavee.com. As you can see at the right, the current auction price is $12.12, but you’d probably pay in the neighborhood of a minimum of $200 for this special bundle at Amazon.com or at another retail shopping site or store.

That’s the great thing about Wavee and other penny auction sites like this, you don’t have to pay anywhere close to the retail price, but you do have to know how to bid correctly so you don’t end up wasting your bids. The secret to winning Wavee auctions is to start bidding on an item that is getting close to the price of similar or exact items that have already closed. There’s a section at Wavee.com called, appropriately, Ended Auctions that let’s you see several days worth of these penny auctions that have already ended. And when you get used to seeing what items really sell for on these sites, you can watch what you want to buy and then swoop in at the right time and grab your Wii game console or whatever it is you want.

This is an amazing bundle for the Wii by the way. It includes a cool red Wii, the Red Wii Remote Plus controller, a red Nunchuck controller, a Wii Sports and a copy of the New 25th Anniversary Edition Super Mario Mario Brothers Wii game. How’s that sound for a cool Wii bundle?

If you want to nab this sweet package and get it for a price that you aren’t going to see anywhere else, head on over to Wavee.com and join up so you can bid on it. And don’t miss a great deal!

Disclaimer: This Wii bundle may be sold by the time you join and may not be available.

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