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How Does UpBids Work?

Have you heard of yet? It is one of the newer players on the penny auctions scene and it has many of the features of other sites, but there are a few differences, one of them is really a … Continue reading

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Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves Penny Auction

Released in October of 2010, Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves for your PlayStation 3 quickly became game of the year. It retails for about $45 at, but you can get it for substantially less if you head over to … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Auction

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on an Amazon Kindle 3G, now is the time because there is one up for auction right now (may be gone by the time you read this) at And as you … Continue reading

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Current Penny Auctions At BozBids

If you like your chance to grab some great deals on current penny auctions over at then head over there and bid on either the Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports included that’s currently going for $11.09 or the Apple … Continue reading

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QuiBids Class Action Lawsuit

You may have heard about the QuiBids class auction lawsuit and wonder what’s going on here. I’ll try to explain it and answer the big question many people have – are penny auctions scams? While there are a few penny … Continue reading

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