Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Auction

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on an Amazon Kindle 3G, now is the time because there is one up for auction right now (may be gone by the time you read this) at And as you can see from the price over to the left here is only 98 cents. Sure, the price will go up because there is still more than an hour left on the auction but, the final price won’t be anywhere near the $189 it sells for at

Believe it or not, many people are choosing the Kindle 3G wireless over the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Nook Color and even the iPad. Why? Well for one, the Kindle screen is non glare so you can read it in direct sunlight (you can’t even do that with a conventional book) and it has a unique screen technology known as e ink Pearl which looks much more like a real paper page. It really is amazing to see and none of the other popular ereaders on the market today have this technology.

Another great feature of the Kindle that is a serious drawback for many wireless and rechargeable devices is that the battery life is an amazing 30 days with the wireless turned off and 10 days with it turned on. I can’t think of any other electronic device I have that even comes close to that kind of battery life.

With the Amazon Kindle 3G you also get access to AT&T hot spots all over the world for free, plus being that this Kindle up for auction at Wavee penny auctions is a 3G model, you have access to getting new book just about anywhere in the world. It’s great for those of you that travel a lot or may be somewhere where you don’t have easy access to a wireless hotspot.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to get your Kindle for a price you aren’t going to find anywhere else. Join and get in on the incredible auction deals.

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