Big Penny Auctions

Another new player has hit the penny auction scene and is known as Big Penny Auctions. Like many of the other sites we review here Big Penny lets users get great deals on all kinds of merchandise for just pennies on the dollar, deals you won’t find anywhere else.

At this new auction site each time you place a bid the price of the item for sale goes up by 1 or 2 cents depending on the auction. Each bid you place costs just 75 cents and you can get bids for cheaper than that by buying in bulk. You can buy bids in increments of 40, 100, 250, 500 or even higher I believe. The more bids you buy the cheaper they are so, if you are going to stick around (most people do) it’s better to get as many bids as you can.

You can also get free bids at by referring your friends to the site. You earn the free bids when your friends join. This is a feature that I have not seen at any other penny bid auction site so, it’s definitely worth considering this option when joining any auction site.

Big Penny also offers this one bidding tip amongst a several. If you want to win more auctions one of the best ways to do that is to watch several auctions and see who is bidding on them and what their bid behavior is. And then when they are bidding on something you want, if you know their strategy you can use it against them.

Another one of the way’s I’ve found that helps win more auctions without spending a lot on bids is to look at auctions that are already closed as see what the prices were for similar items that you want to bid on. You can then start bidding when the item you want gets close to that amount rather than waste your bids on auction that are just getting started or are at a price that people may still be bidding on them for some time.

You can join Big Penny Auctions here.

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  2. david says:

    This is a good review I also used penny auctions and there are great I have won several prices including a $2000 TV they are really good and you save a ton of money I always using them for a lot of electronics and gift cards, I also like the incredible amount of products that they have I also saw on article like this one click on David.

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