Current Penny Auctions At BozBids

If you like your chance to grab some great deals on current penny auctions over at then head over there and bid on either the Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports included that’s currently going for $11.09 or the Apple iPad 16GB that has a current auction price of $16.89.

As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, you know you will never get prices like that anywhere else on the web. Even if you try buying through a police auctions site or another auction like eBay, you don’t really know what you are getting. Only if the auction at eBay specifically states that the merchandise is new will it probably be new. But if it’s used, you don’t really know what kind of condition it will be in or if the warranty will still be good.

The same thing goes for auctions at police auction sites. Yes, you can find some incredible deals on these kind of sites, but when you purchase something there, you have no recourse if it is broken or not what you thought you were going to get. You don’t know if the item you bought at a police auction are from a sized drug dealer’s stash or if  they’ve been in someone’s sweltering trunk for the entire hot Florida summer. When you buy something at a police auction, there are no refunds. End of story.

That isn’t going to happen at Boz Bids because everything up for auction there including the iPad and the Nintendo Wii are always brand new and still in the original factory packaging. Plus, you can get them for incredible prices.

So, if you are in need of an Apple iPad or have finally decide it’s time to get one of those Nintendo Wii’s with Wii Sports so you can exercise at home and get into better shape or lose weight or whatever, then head over to BozBids and place your bids now. Don’t miss out on the great deals you won’t find anywhere else, not even at Amazon or eBay.

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