Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves Penny Auction

Released in October of 2010, Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves for your PlayStation 3 quickly became game of the year. It retails for about $45 at Amazon.com, but you can get it for substantially less if you head over to Wavee.com. As you see from the auction listed here the price right now is only 2 cents. That’s sure to increase, but you won’t pay the $45 price or anything near it like you will at Amazon.com.

If you want to know the price this auction will end at, you can go to the section at Wavee marked “Ended Auctions” just like on eBay and see what the final price was on a similar item. Most auctions end up saving the winner around 60% to 90% off of retail price.

If you don’t know about Wavee penny auctions or how the penny auction deal works, it’s pretty simple. First thing to note is that everything sold at Wavee.com and most other penny auctions is all brand new merchandise, not something that has been in someone’s garage for 5 years or something the cops took from a bad guy and is now for sale at a police auction site. No, this stuff is all brand new.

The way penny auctions work is you join up some place like Wavee.com, then you get a bid pack of 50 to 100 to 300 or 500 bids and then you place your bids on an item you want. Each time a bid is placed the price of an item goes up by just 1 cent. Each bid you place costs 75 cents and if you don’t win the item you were bidding on, you can still buy it at the retail price minus the cost of the bids you’ve already placed on that item. So, you don’t ever really lose your bids if you really want that specific item.

If you want to get in on the auction action and bid on Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves, you can join Wavee.com here.

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