BigPenny Auctions Changes Name To

When I went to look at Big Penny auctions today I noticed, to my surprise, they had changed their name to I’m not sure why they changed and can’t find any information as to why they did, but I can only surmise.

In the world of marketing on the internet some minor things you do to your website can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic your site receives from search engines. One of the ways to get more traffic is to have a premium domain name and I believe is a premium domain name. In other words people are a lot more likely to type in the words “save big” along with other search terms into a search engine than they are likely to type in “big penny”. That just isn’t a search term many people search for, it’s pretty simple. penny auctions has the same great deals on their website as did and immediately I noticed one thing about the penny auction site that I liked, they lowered the price of their bids. While most sites charge between 75 cents and 1 dollar to place a bid, SaveBig penny auctions now charges only 60 cents per bid.

While you see the usual assortment of wide screen TVs, MacBook laptop computers, Apple iPads and iPod Touch devices, Save Big also has a lot more common items than many of the other penny auction sites out there today. Some of the more common things I see that more people will use every day are things like razors, a set of kitchen knives, gift cars from places like SubWay and Khol’s, a ceramic space heater and a lot of other similar items.

I’m seeing as a place to get some great deals on stuff that you buy on a weekly basis versus just getting good deals on expensive items like a new computer. You can join SaveBig here if you want to get in on the hot penny auction deals.

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  2. once you have registered, how and where do you log in the next time?

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