QuiBids Offers More Opportunity To Win – Big Deal

The penny bid auction site QuiBids is in the news today because they have changed the amount of auctions they let their customers win every month. While in the past they have only let any individual bidder win justĀ  items per a 30 day period, you can now win up to 12 items per month at QuiBids.com.

If you are thinking wow, this is a big deal, it isn’t. Many penny auction sites let you win close to this amount or even over this amount every month. For instance, BidRivals.com lets you win up to 4 auctions every 24 hour period. The only restriction they have on their bidding is that you can’t win more that 4 $1,000 and above priced items per month. That’s not hard because how many people are shopping for more than 4 $1,000 or above priced things for their home every month? Not many.

The auction site BigDeal.com lets you win 2 items less per month than does QuiBids.com, so what’s the big deal? I mean how many items a month do you shop for and buy at eBay.com. Don’t forget, that’s not in a calendar month, that’s in any 30 day period.

And there are plenty of other penny auction sites around this web site that we’ve reviewed and many of them have similar or better terms of service that allow you to win even more auctions that what Qui Bids allows you to win. So I don’t know what all the fuss is over getting to win 12 items a month rather than just 8 items a month because there are plenty of auction sites and tons of merchandise to bid on.

In fact check out the auction for the Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi at the very top of this post. It shows a retail price of $139.99, but right now the penny auction is only priced at $16.52 which is obviously a lot less than the retail price. Don’t miss out on the fun, get in on a penny auction today and save a ton of money at BigDeal.com.

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