200 Bids Voucher

To bid on penny auction sites you need to buy bids and they can cost anywhere from 60 cents to one dollar each. They are usually sold in packs and that means that if you buy 200 bids such as is listed on to the right, it could cost you anywhere from $120 to $200.

Bids at SaveBig penny auctions cost you 60 cents each so, the pack of 200 bids would cost you $120 if you bought it outright, but as you can see at the right, the 200 bid pack voucher is only going to $5.53 right now. So that means if you got the bid pack for $6 you would save $114. Does that sound like a good deal? is one of the newer players in the penny auction scene, but they have been around for some time. They recently just changed their name from to the new name and they just completely redid their website and it is now somewhat easier to navigate. Plus, another thing I like about is that they auction of a lot of items that are much more common instead of all the big ticket items that other penny bid auction sites offer.

For instance, the other day they auctioned off a $100 Walmart gift card and a couple days before that a Home Depot Gift card was up for auction. While they do still have some of the bigger ticket items such as Apple iPads, and Plasma TVs, they also have cheaper digital cameras, a space heater, a manicure set, binoculars and much more, all the kinds of things that everyday people like you and I buy, all the time.

So, if you want to experience the thrill of penny auctions and maybe get a bid pack for really cheap at a huge discount, why not join up now and get in on the auction action.

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4 Responses to 200 Bids Voucher

  1. sylvia lemay says:

    I bought bids at BIG PENNY and now it has changed to SAVE BIG>>>> WHERE DO i LOG IN AND DID I LOSE MY MONEY THAT WAS SITTING????? SCAM????

  2. alanlest says:

    Sylvia, Sorry, I don’t have any idea. The best thing to do would be to go to and contact customer support.

  3. Remington Lee says:

    I realize that individuals can save money on these penny auction sites. But did anyone every sit down and think about how much these sites are making on these products? It’s on par with load sharking! Even in your examples the amount the consumers, and yes I mean more than just the winner, are spending for individual items is ridiculous.
    Lets assume that the selling price for the items you reference remains unchanged and also remember that each penny bid cost $.60. I realize that the winning bidder doesn’t pay for all the bids placed but also remember someone does and this is to show how much money is made on these items by the auction site.
    $100 Wal-mart gift card
    1) 357 bids @ $.60 = $214.20
    2) Auction price = $3.57
    3) Shipping and handling costs = unknown
    Total cost = $217.77 for a $100.00 gift card
    The 200 bid voucher selling for $5.53 totals $337.33 for the auction site.
    Let’s also look at the great deal on for a car. The car was selling for $680 or something like that. This may be a great deal for the winner, if he or she didn’t bid very many times to win, but the total mount the auction site will take from the general public amounts to $41,480 for a car worth around $15,000.
    Getting the true picture now!

  4. alanlest says:


    Yes, I realize some of these sites make lots of money on their auctions, but I have mentioned several times on this site that people shouldn’t bid on something if they are just trying to get a super deal. Don’t bid unless you REALLY want the item and on most sites you can still pay retail for your auctions if you don’t win them.

    I’m not here to talk about the business side of how these auctions work, I’m here to let people know they can get some really good deals on stuff if they are careful on how they bid.

    Also, it isn’t necessary to post the same comment 3 times, I’ll get to approving comments eventually.

    Thanks for your input.


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