Apple iPad 2 And Creative Labs Ziio Tablet Auctions

Shopping for one of those great touch screen tablets that everyone seems to have these days but you? If you are, then head over to BidRivals where you can get in on the auctions you see here for the Apple iPad 2 and the Creative Labs Ziio Android tablet. If you haven’t checked out the price on these auctions then take another look because that really is the price they are going for right now.

The Apple iPad 2 64 GB WiFi 3G which has a street price of about $899 is priced at only $12.59 right now and the Ziio 7″ tablet from Creative Labs which has a retail price of $269 is priced at only $15.57 right now. Now of course, you do realize these are auctions and the price will probably go u a little so you might not find the exact price when you get to Bid Rivals, in fact the auctions may be closed by the time you read this, but there are plenty more just like these 2 auctions going on.

Some people may want to bid on the Ziio Android tablet, because they like that operating system, but I prefer the iPad and its ability to connect to iTunes which already has a ton of my music that I use. And this particular model up for auction at is the 3G and WiFi model so you can use it just about anywhere you go and be online. And it also has a camera that the Android tablet model doesn’t. So, is the choice clear? Maybe you just want the Android. I’ll take the iPad 2.

I’ve seen quite a big difference in retail price for this model ranging from a low of $469 all the way up over $1,200, but with this auction going on you won’t have to pay anywhere near those prices. There are tons of places you can pay the retail price such as Best Buy, WalMart, your local computer store,, The Apple Store, Radio Shack and other places or you can bid on it at at and get it for a song if you win it.

If you want to get in on either of these auctions, just go over to and join up and start bidding today.

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