Bid Rivals PS 3 Slim And PlayStation Move Auction

Hey gamers, up for auction right now at the penny auction site is an awesome gaming package for a huge discount you aren’t going to find anywhere else in the world, not at and not at any discount store. Up for grabs is a PS 3 and the PlayStation Move motion controller and did you check out the price above?

As you already probably know and can see listed on the auction up top this nice little bundle retails for about $375, but check out the price again that it’s going for right now. It is listed for only $33.44 and while it may go a little bit higher that that price, whoever wins this auction will save a ton of money over buying one of the sweet packages at retail.

Here’s what comes in the box just so you know what you’re getting:

* PlayStation 3 320 GB game system
* PlayStation Move wireless motion controller
* PlayStation Move game demos disc
* DualShock 3 wireless controller
* PlayStation Eye camera
* Sports Champions Blu-ray game
* AC power cord, AV cable and a USB cable

This is a brand new gaming bundle and includes a factory unlike what you would probably find at eBay. At eBay you are buying from an individual seller and may not know much about them, but with you are always winning your auction directly from our site, not from an individual, so everything is always guaranteed because it’s brand new stuff.

If you want to get in on the great deal on the Playstation gaming system bundle all you have to do is join up BidRivals and start placing your bids. It’s easy to join and they explain how to do everything on the site under the Help and How It Works sections.

You can join here.

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