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If you want to get in on some great deals, check out the current auctions going on at the penny auction site As you can see here there are 3 auction pictured and the items up for bidding are an iPod Shuffle 2GB, a Garmin NUVI 1200 Touchscreen GPS and a nice Canon Rebel T2i 18 Megapixel digital camera. All these items will go for much less than retail and much less then you would find at any discount store or website anywhere on the net.

Let’s check out the prices these items are going for right now and the retail prices they usually sell for at places like First up is the iPod Shuffle 2GB. This music player that connects to iTunes has a retail price of around $55, but as you can see, the BidRivals price right now is only 71 cents. Next is the Garmin GPS unit that usually sells for $115 and as of the time of this post, the Bid Rivals auction price is only $5.61.

Last hot deal we’re featuring here is a nice Canon Rebel 18 megapixel  digital camera that has a normal retail price of $839 but the auction price is only $47.62. This is a great package deal on a camera because it includes a nice EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens and a bunch of other accessories such as of course your battery and charger. The first digital camera I owned, that cost $2,000 by the way, did not come with batteries and the battery charger was extra. Plus, the batteries only lasted for about 200 shots, which is mcu less than they last for today. Anyway, this is a great deal on a camera package, so don’t miss out on it.

by the time you read this post these penny auction may or may not still be up for bidding, but even if you miss these items there are still a bunch of great deals to be found at the Bid Rivals penny auction site so don’t miss the action.

You can join here if you want to get in on these or other deals.

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  1. Is it really possible to get a Canon Rebel 18 megapixel for $50?

  2. alanlest says:


    I don’t specifically know if you can get a Canon 18 mp digital camera for $50 or under, but q lot of people have gotten some really great deals. Check out’s Winners section to see the stuff people have won and the prices they paid.

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