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There’s new player on the block and it is called penny auctions. And the nice thing about this new penny auction site is that there are some substantial features on the site that not every other auction site has. One of the best features GrabSwag has on their site is called GrabSwag University and it has everything you need to know to teach you how penny auctions work and how to get the most from their site.

One of the coolest features on the Grab Swag site is called GSMap and it lets you know where the people you are bidding against are located. This shows up at the top of every live auction and although it doesn’t tell you specifically where someone lives, you do get to see the town they live in and it finally helps put to rest the notion that there are mysterious bots bidding against you and driving up the price and costing you valuable bid credits. With GSMap, not only can you see where everyone who has placed a bid is located, you can see which one of those bids is the top bid.

Another thing they offer at the GrabSwag University is a list of beginner’s do’s and don’ts and they actually encourage you to read all about how their site works. Every penny auction site works differently and they want you to understand how their site works so you don’t get discouraged and want to quit before you have the chance to win something.

Another great feature I like at GrabSwag is the fact that you see the average price of previous auctions that have already closed and who won the item. That way you can see what similar items are going for and you can right up front decide how many bids you are going to use and how much you are going to pay for a similar item.

And yet an additional bonus when you become a member of GrabSwag is that when you refer your friends to the site and they join, you get 50 free bids for doing so. How’s that sound?

One of the advantages of joining a new penny auction site like GrabSwag is that there are less members than there are on other sites such as and that gives you a huge advantage over people who bid on may other penny auction sites, because there is much less competition for the stuff that you want. Less competition means you get your shopping items for much less. Also, right now when you join you get 10 free bids in addition to the bid pack you pay for when you join.

Check out, read about how the site works and try your hand at winning some incredibly priced merchandise.

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  1. Bob says: sucks. Poor customer service, items not in stock, not shipped nor delivered within their own guidelines. Sad, I got my money back after they could not provide the Kindle I won. After two weeks of waiting they wanted me to wait another 7-10 days!

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