Is BidRivals A Scam?

Lots of people that shop on penny auction sites want to know the answer to the question, is a scam? Since there are people that are unhappy with penny auctions and some that really are getting scammed, those that shop at BidRivals auctions want to know the same about that site.

First, what you have to realize is that penny bid auction sites are a relatively new kind of business and most of these sites have only been around for 2 years or less. With that being said, has been one of the penny auction sites that have been around the longest and its domain name was purchased on March 11, 2009 so, it is just over 2 years old. It probably wouldn’t have been around that long in the highly competitive penny auction niche if it were running a scam, right?

Many times the reason people think that any penny auction site is a scam is because they don’t understand how they work and don’t like it when they spend money by placing bids and then they don’t win an auction. It is very important that you read the terms of service of any site you join. Just like you would read the terms of service to see how eBay works, you also need to read the same thing on so you know what is going on.

As far as I know is not a scam. Many people have won all kinds of penny auctions on that site and have walked away with some incredible deals on all kinds of things such as MacBook Air laptop computers, HDTVs, XBOX 360 game units, all kinds of different discount gift cards, digital cameras, computers and computer monitors and all kinds of other merchandise. The trick to winning and winning big on sites such as and to not get caught up in a BidRivals scam is to do your homework and know what you are getting into.

You can always join BidRivals and then watch and see how everything works before you start bidding so you understand how everything works and you know how to get the best deals. Really take time to study the site and see how it operates before you spend money on bids and blow it by not knowing what you’re doing.

Join here to get in on some great deals and see for yourself if the site is a scam when you get 70% off an item you can’t find anywhere else for that price.

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