Macy’s $20 Gift Card Auction

Any Macy’s shoppers out there? If you love to shop there then you need to know about the Macy’s $20 gift card auction going on at As you can see at the right, the current price for this auction is only 1 cent and while it is sure to go a bit higher, it will be way under the cost of the $20 gift card. Where else are you going to get the chance to get a deal like this?

If you don’t know how auction sites like work it is simple. There are all kinds of items up for auction on the site and unlike eBay they are all brand new items so you are sure that you are getting the real deal. When you place a bid at Bid Rivals they cost you 60 cents each and each time you bid, the price of the item you are bidding on goes up by only 1 cent. The timer continues to count down and when it reaches zero, if you are the highest bidder then you win that item.

All you have to do to get started and get into the auction action at Bid Rivals is to join up and get a bid pack. After all, you can’t bid on anything without having bid credits and you can find out how everything works and how to get the most from these auctions right in the help section and the FAQ page on the site.

And of course if you win this Macy’s $20 gift card auction you can then go to and spend it on anything you want such as watches and jewelry, all kinds of shoes, all things for bed and bath, lamps, kitchen appliances large and small, furniture, clothes, beauty items and so much more. You can get anything you want online at the website or at any retail store in malls all over the country. Does that sound like a deal?

Get in on the auctions now. Join BidRivals here.

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