What do the words Save Big evoke in you? How about saving lots of money? Maybe when you hear or see those words you think about getting great deals on brand name merchandise? Or maybe you hear save big you think you will find your favorite gadget like an iPad orĀ  some other device for cheaper than you might find it at Whatever it is you come up with when those words come up is the place to go for top bargains.

If you love shopping at the earth’s biggest online store,, and think the deals are great there, wait till you see the deals at because they are way less. For instance, the Apple iPad WiFi 16GB listed here usually goes for about $499 at Amazon, but as you can see from the auction tab at the right, the price for the same iPad at right now is only $6.22.

Now, since the iPad is one of the more popular items listed at penny auction sites such as this and because there is more than 2 and a half hours left on the auction at the time of the writing of this post, the price will most definitely go up, but it won’t be anywhere near the $499 regular retail price or even at a substantial discount off that which you might even find at eBay, it will be way, way below that price. Auctions for Apple iPads usually end up anywhere from $60 or so up to $250 or slightly more. So there’s a good chance you can get one for less than half price you would find it anywhere else.

And one of the great things about getting in on a deal such as this at a penny auction site is that you will get a brand new iPad, not a used or supposedly new item such as you might get stuck with at eBay. only auctions off brand new, factory sealed items and you take no chance that they may be used even though the seller at eBay tells you they are brand new. These items come with full factory warranty.

SaveBig used to be known as but recently changed their name to more reflect their incredible bargains they offer every day. If you too want to get in one the deals on every day merchandise that are even better than deal websites like, then join here are start saving big bucks today.

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