Apple iPad Auction And Promo Code For

How would you like to get an Apple iPad, plus use a nice promo code to get it with? With the iPad up for grabs at and the promo code for 25 free bids they are offering at the penny auction site right now, you may be able to score a pretty sweet deal and snag this cool iPad and use free bids in the process.

As you can see here at the right, this iPad is going for only $41 right now. You will only find deals like these on penny auction sites like and no where else. And of course this is the iPad 2 that is 33% thinner and 15% lighter that the previous iPad. It is also much faster, has better graphic capabilities and is also able to multi-task (you can use more than one program at a time) which you have been unable to do on previous Apple touch devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch.

So now that you know about the great iPad auction going on over at, how do you go about getting the 25 free bids? That’s easy, when you register at the auction site, simply put in the promo code FREEBIDS and your account will automatically be credited with the 25 bids, you need not do anything else.

As soon as you register you can get your bids, plus add up your free bids and then start getting into the auctions you are interested in, including the auction for the Apple iPad you see featured here. Of course you need to read up on all the rules when you join so you know how the system works and you know how to get the most from

Lot of people are finding excellent deals at and you can too. Join here and get in on the fun, and the great deals.

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