Coupon Code For Penny Auctions – Get Free Bids

Have you heard of the newest penny auction site on the net as of late? It’s called and they are offering a special deal coupon code right now for new members who join their site. If you join BidRack and use the promo code: FREEBIDS you can get and extra 25 bids for free on top of what you already get when you sign up.

At you can get up to 98% off of all kinds of merchandise such as computers, laptops, women’s underwear, purses, Apple iPads, XBox 360 game consoles, digital cameras and a lot more.

To get started on the auction fun you need to join, buy a bid pack, pick out the items you want to start bidding on, place your bids and if you are the final winner, you get the item for the price listed on the auction which 99% of the time is much lower than on any deal site you will find anywhere else on the internet.

How many penny auction sites are offering you a coupon code where you can get free bids? I’ve been blogging on this site for several months now and I have only come across one other site that offered a promo code such as this and it was for only 10 free bids, not the 25 free bids that BidRack is offering here.

I don’t have any idea how long this coupon code deal for free bids is going to last so, make sure you get in on this as soon as you can because merchants have a habit of not letting too many people take advantage of discounts like this.

Remember, if you want to get 25 free bids when you join the penny auction site then don’t forget to put in the coupon code FREEBIDS when you register and that way you will get 25 free bids to do with what you please.

Redeem your promo code here using FREEBIDS when you register.

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