How To Get 40 Free Bids At

For a limited time you can get 40 free bids at the penny auction site known as I’m not sure how long this special will be going on but, the word is, it is supposed to end this week.

Here’s how you qualify to get the free bids at Bid Rack. First you have to register at the penny auction site. Next, you have to invite your friends to join the site. Finally, whenever a friend you have invited through your special link you get when you join, then ends up joining, you get those 40 FREE BIDS credited to your account. How simple is that?

If you have never visited the penny auction site, you should check it out because you can get all kinds of deals on items such as Sony HDTVs, Dell laptop computers, XBOX 360 game consoles, Home Depot and Amazon gift cards (and more), iPods, MacBook laptops, video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Gears Of War, video cameras, watches, sunglasses and so much more. You won’t believe the deals and some of the prices you will find at Bidrack penny auction. They are incredible.

If you want to get in on the fun and share it with your friends, plus get 40 free bids that you can use to bid on any auction you want on the site, just register here and send your friends to the site, and when they join, you get your 40 free bids. Hurry because this won’t last forever.

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2 Responses to How To Get 40 Free Bids At

  1. Joseph says:

    Not sure if they are still doing it, but bid rack was offering products for referrals. I ended up getting an ipod! And I’m shooting for an ipad. Whish me love. rules!

  2. BillyB. says:

    Aaaawe, I am still working on my referrals, close but not yet. I have got a great deal on a bunch of stuff but not my free ipod “YET!” 🙂

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