Register For Free At No Credit Card required

Tired of the penny auction sites that charge you $99 just to get started? At many sites, you can’t even register without having to get out your credit card and purchase a costly bid pack. That isn’t the case with You can register for free at Bid Cactus and you need no credit card to do so.

Just like all the other penny bid auction sites, lets you bid on auctions for all kids of discount merchandise such as Apple iPads, Nintendo 3DS game consoles, laptop computers, Canon digital cameras, large screen HDTVs, discount gift cards from places like Home Depot and and a lot more of your favorite items. At Bidcactus you can get merchandise for up to 98% retail price from even the most discounted outlets.

When you decide you want to start bidding on items at Bidcactus you of course will have to get some bids, but you do not have to use your credit card to register with the site unlike many other penny auction site require you to do. This way you can start to check out items and start seeing how auctions work, start saving the auctions you want to bid on and just get a general feel for the site without having to commit to buying bids before you are ready to get started.

So, if you are ready to check out the penny auction game to see how everything works, then head on over to sign up for where there is no credit card required to register.

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