Barnes And Noble Color Nook Auction

If you are into e-readers and like to read your books on a device instead of having shelves filled all over your house or maybe books laying around all over the place, then the Barnes & Noble Color Nook is the perfect ereader for you. And it’s even better than the popular Amazon Kindle because it is in color which the Kindle is not.

And did you notice the price? At the present time, this auction for the Nook over at is only $13.82. Does that sound like a bargain, especially when you realize the regular retail price is around $249? The Nook Color is also better than the Kindle because it features a web browser, a few built in games, the ability to share passages from your books on Facebook and Twitter and the entire surface of the Nook is a touch screen.

You will find all kinds of great deals like this at Deal Dash penny auctions where bidding is easy and it is easy to register and get started on the bidding process. Besides the Color Nook from Barnes and Noble you will also find bargains on laptop computers, HDTVs, iPads, Apple iPod Touch music players, gift cards from Home Depot and a multitude of restaurants, all kinds of electronic devices and a whole host of things that you can save a ton of money on.

If you want to get in on this Barnes & Noble Nook auction or any of the other deals going on at just click here to register and you are on your way to saving money. As they used to say at eBay, happy bidding!

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