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One of the oldest penny auction sites online these days is penny auctions. Believe it or not, their domain has been registered for more than 10 years, so you know they must be legit. Of all the penny auction sites online, I think I’ve seen Deal Dash banners more than just about any other of these kind of sites anywhere. I’ll bet you’ve seen banners like the one here at the right as well. They are everywhere, aren’t they?

One of the things that DealDash boasts is that they have made more than 50,000 deals meaning that obviously many thousands of people have won all kinds of items such as MacBook Air laptop computers, iPads, gift cards, Amazon Kindles, coffee makers, AMC Theater gift cards, iPod Touch, music players, LCD HDTVs, Nintendo Wii bundles, hard drives and much much more.

How Does Work?

Like any other penny auction site auctions start out at 1 cent and each bid placed on an item raises the price of that auction by just 1 cent. Bid cost only 60 cents each and can be bought in various size bid packs to save you money. And of course all items on this penny auction site are brand new unlike auctions that go on at eBay. I’ve won some incredible deals at eBay over the years, but I have also had situations where I didn’t get exactly what I thought I was getting and sometimes people do get ripped off when they think they are getting new items and it ends up that the item is actually used.

There is also something called a BidBuddy at Deal Dash that will bid on items for you automatically if you don’t want to have to watch your auctions like a hawk. All you do is set the amount of times you want your BidBuddy to bid and it will keep doing that until either you win the item or you run out of bids.

Another feature that I like about this site is that even if you don’t win an auction, you can still buy the item you were bidding on at retail and deduct the cost of the bids you already placed on the item. That way you still get credit for your bids and don’t completely lose them.

I always urge anyone who wants to get in on penny auctions to read all the terms of service, the FAQ section and the help section on any site you want to join. That way you know exactly how the site works and hopefully you won’t be surprised by anything.

To get in on auctions, you can find out more here.

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