ZBiddy.com Penny Auctions

One of the newer sites to get in on the penny auction phenomenon is known as ZBiddy.com and it has been in business less than a year so far. But just because they are now to the auction scene doesn’t mean that they don’t have all kinds of incredible bargains for everyone to participate in.

A quick look over at their site shows that they have auctions for a Chili’s gift certificate, an Apple iPad 32 GB, a $50 Target gift card, an Apple iPod for $10.88, an Amazon Kindle, a Kodak digital camera and lots, lots more. And, they are all at incredible prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Obviously these auctions might not still be going on by the time that you visit the ZBiddy.com site, but don’t worry because there are still tone of other auctions going on and all at the same incredible savings.

At ZBiddy.com penny auctions bids are just 60 cents each and you can buy bid packs ranging in size from 45 to 800 bids. One of the most important things to do when joining a penny auction site is to make sure and read all the directions in the How To section and in the FAQ section. That way you know exactly these sites work (including ZBiddy.com) and you will know how to get the most out of your auction experience. Every one of these sites is different and it is very important to understand how each works so that there are no surprises and you are aware of every thing that goes on.

Another thing to watch out for when you first start to join in on penny auctions is to not bid on to many auctions at the same time. I wouldn’t recommend bidding on any more than 2 auctions until you are completely familiar with how ZBiddy.com works. Every one that joins these sites bids a little differently so you want to get familiar with how the site and its members operate before you spend all your bids.

You can save a ton of money at ZBiddy.com and get some great deals, just make sure you know what you are doing. To get in on the fun, join ZBiddy.com penny auctions right here.

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