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Are you familiar with the auctions site With the advent of the recent penny auctions phenomenon, is a refreshingly different alternative to auctions where you have to pay to bid on items. With Bidz, it is always free to join and it is always free to bid on any auction and if you fail to win an auction, no big deal because you have nothing invested in any particular auction because your bids cost you absolutely nothing!

With some penny auction sites your bids will cost you anywhere from 60 cents to $1 and you can find some great deals at these sites, but if you don’t win the item or items you are bidding on, then you will lose the cost of your bids if you don’t buy the item you were bidding on at retail price, minus the cost of your bids, of course. When you join, that will never happen because your bids never cost you anything.

Bidz auctions are famous for great brand name and jewelry and luxury watches such as Rolex and other top brands such as Swiss Eagle, Valentino, AquaSwiss, Tonino Lamborghini, Gucci, Strumento Marino and many, many more. These are all certified genuine brand name items unlike what you can end up with at eBay because you don’t really know who you are dealing with.

Besides jewelry and watches, also has accessories such as men’s and women’s sunglasses, electronics, some computer items, handbags, purses, figurines, belts and a whole bunch more items. Bidz just keeps growing and growing and you can get some great deals on all kinds of stuff and save a ton of money over retail prices. After looking over the site and looking at a ton of auctions it looks like there are lots of items and auctions that are much better deals than at eBay. Even sellers at eBay have a hard time auctioning off items as low as what you will find at

Remember, it is always free to join and free to bid at so don’t miss out on the great deals going on right now. Join in on all the savings right here.

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