Flip Camcorder UltraHD 4GB DealDash.com Auction

Ready to get some real quick video of whatever important is happening in your world? Well, if you’ve never shot video before or already are into producing your own, check out the Flip UltraHD 4GB camcorder up for auction at the penny auction site DealDash.com. If you don’t want to pay the retail price of around $79, have a look at the price here at the right on this auction. How does $6.41 sound to you?

This is exactly the kind of deals you’ll find over at DealDash on all kind of great tech gadgets and lots more. This video camera has lots of features for such a little model and with the 4GB memory on board that means you can shoot up to one hour of video (which is a lot considering you can only upload a 10 minute max video to YouTube.com) of whatever it is you like to do.

I actually own one of these flip cameras and it couldn’t be easier to use All you have to do is point and press the red button and you are in record mode. The Flip also has built in image stabilization, incredible sound for an under $100 price tag and has a very clear picture that I think looks much better that you will find on a gadget of this type. And when it comes to downloading videos to your computer, it is a total breeze. The Flip UltraHD has a built in USB connector so all you have to do is hook it up and download, real simple.

Check out the great deal on this Flip camera and register at DealDash.com so you can get in on the auction and place your bids. Register here and get in on the fun today.

If you miss this auction, don’t worry because there are tons of other great deals on all kinds of electronics, gift cards, computers, perfume, clothing, purses and more at DealDash.com.

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