iPod Dock Clock Deal

How many of us have wanted to listen to our iPod music through stereo speakers instead of listening through your ear buds. Sometimes you just want to listen to a room full of sound instead of the tiny sounds that come through something you put into your ears. And what happens when you want someone else to listen to something on your iPod along with you? The answer is to get an iPod dock clock.

With this iPod dock clock up for auction at Bidz.com, you never have to worry about how you are going to listen to your iPod with a fuller sound. And not only does it let you listen to your iPod, it is also an alarm clock, and an AM and FM radio tuner. And beyond that it also charges your iPod while it is plugged in so you don’t have to fight with other members of your household for the only iPod charger in the house.

Oh yes, I almost forgot about one important thing, the price. As you can see up above, the price for the iPod dock clock up for auction at Bidz.com right now is only $28 when the retail price is $105. That means that you are going to save $77 right now. Yea, the price will go a little higher, but it will not be at the retail price of $105 or anywhere near it. And if you look at the time left on this auction, over 15 hours at the time of this post, that means it will end some time around the 3 AM in the morning meaning if you can stay up that long, you will probably get a great price because not a lot of other people will be bidding.

Oh, one more thing. Bidz.com is completely free to join and it costs nothing to place bids and if you don’t win an item, you don’t lose any money because your bids have cost you nothing! That’s one big difference here between Bidz.com and all the penny auction sites.

Join Bidz.com now for FREE and get in on this iPod dock clock before it’s gone.

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