Back To School Shopping With A Target Gift Card Deal

Moms, dads and kids are getting ready to go back to school and that means it’s time for back to school shopping. And where else is better to shop for all those school supplies and new clothes than at Target. And how would you like to shop at Target with a $25 gift card that you paid less than $10 for?

How do you do that, you may be asking? The way it works is this Target gift card is up for auction at the penny auction site known as and as you can see right now the price for the $25 card plus 25 bids at the site is only $7.13. To get in on this auction you have to sign up and become a member of Deal Dash and then once you do that you get a bid pack so you can place bids on auction items. Each bid costs 60 cents and every time a bid is placed on an item the price of that item goes up by 1 cent. If you are the high bidder when the timer on the item runs out then you are the owner of that item.

With the Target gift card deal up for auction, you can then spend to $25 card on anything including any upcoming back to school sales for yourself or the kids. Target has all kinds of back to school clothes, shoes, notebooks, pens, pencils, computers, touch screen tablets, folders, paper, and all kinds of stuff students will need for going back to classes for another school year.

You really can’t beat the deals here at I mean, where else are you going to find a $25 Target gift card for only $7.13? You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else. DealDash also has many other gift cards such as $50 Target gift cards, a $75 Amazon gift card (you can get all your textbooks at if you didn’t know it), a Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler, external hard drives and oh so much more. There are hundreds of items at any one time up for auction at so don’t miss out on the great deals there.

Sign up for here and start getting in on the back to school deals for prices you won’t see anywhere else online.

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Men’s Chrome Hearts Sunglasses At Auctions

There are some premium designer items at and up for auction right now is a nice pair of men’s Chrome Hearts Sunglasses that normally retail for around $449, but as of this post time are going got only $46 as you can see at the right. Try finding a deal like that at eBay. Now, I’m sure this pair of premium designer sunglasses will go for a little higher, but it won’t go for the retail price of almost $450.

Chrome Hearts is a luxury brand that’s made in America and is purchased by rock group members of the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and others and Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt amongst many others. Chrome Hearts makes high end silver jewelry, leather clothing and more and you can get these premium sunglasses for a song compared to retail price and probably what some of the stars pay.

And don’t forget about the bidding policy at, it’s free! That’s right, it’s not like a penny auction site where it costs you 60 cents or more to bid, you get to bid for free and you can also register for free. If you win the auction for the Chrome Hearts sunglasses or anything else, that’s when it costs you money, you never have to pay for just placing bids. If you are bidding on an item and you don’t win it, no big deal, just go bid on something else because you haven’t lost any money. That’s the way Bidz works.

At any one time there are usually thousands of items up for auction at and you can find all kinds of things such as Rolex and Tonino Lamborghini watches, engagement rings, necklaces and much, much more. You really don’t want to miss out on all the great items you will find at because the prices are incredible and remember, it costs you nothing to register or bid. So go check things out and get registered to bid on auctions at

Don’t forget to check out the nice pair of men’s Chrome Hearts sunglasses up for auction there as well.

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There’s an auction site that’s been around for some time now and is known as In fact, the site’s domain name was registered more than 12 years ago so you know it isn’t some fly by night operation. The nice thing about auctions site is that you get to register and bid for free. Yes, you read that right, Bidz is not like penny auction sites where you have to buy an expensive bid pack, it actually costs you nothing to participate in any auction on the site.

Of course if you win an item on you have to pay for it, but if you don’t win the item, you owe nothing because you haven’t payed anything for your bids. In that way Bidz is just like eBay, you only have to pay when you win an auction. And the prices at are much lower than retail. Now, they aren’t as low as some of the penny auction sites we’ve reviewed here at, but in my research I’ve found that they usually beat eBay and Amazon for similarly priced items.

What does this non penny auction site have to offer? mainly focuses on jewelry and watches, but they also have accessories such as nice designer sunglasses from Gianni Versache, Gianfranco Ferre, hrome Hearts, Ray Ban, Emilio Pucci and more. Additionally, they have purses, scarves, belts, pens and more in the accessories department. Fine art, toys, basic tools, home and garden accessories, baby accessories and toys, a limited amount of shoes, clothing and more.

As I mentioned earlier, the big attraction to Bidz is their jewelry and watches and I mean nice watches. They usually have several Rolex watches ranging in price from $3,500 to over $45,000 in price. In fact, as I write this post, there’s a women’s Rolex Pearlmaster Oyster Perpetual DateJust with 2.5 ctw of diamonds and sapphires up for auction that has a top bid of, get this, $33,345 right now and the retail price is $44,650. Nice! Go check it out if you want to.

Of course there are all kinds of gold rings, bracelets, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and more up for auction as well. And remember, you don’t have to pay anything to register and you don’t have to pay anything just to bid.

If you want to get in on the great jewelry and watches auctions or any of the other accessories they offer, head on over to and register for free. And then pick out a few items you want and think you can get some great deals on and start bidding for bargains. Don’t worry, it costs you nothing to bid…remember?

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Flip Camcorder UltraHD 4GB Auction

Ready to get some real quick video of whatever important is happening in your world? Well, if you’ve never shot video before or already are into producing your own, check out the Flip UltraHD 4GB camcorder up for auction at the penny auction site If you don’t want to pay the retail price of around $79, have a look at the price here at the right on this auction. How does $6.41 sound to you?

This is exactly the kind of deals you’ll find over at DealDash on all kind of great tech gadgets and lots more. This video camera has lots of features for such a little model and with the 4GB memory on board that means you can shoot up to one hour of video (which is a lot considering you can only upload a 10 minute max video to of whatever it is you like to do.

I actually own one of these flip cameras and it couldn’t be easier to use All you have to do is point and press the red button and you are in record mode. The Flip also has built in image stabilization, incredible sound for an under $100 price tag and has a very clear picture that I think looks much better that you will find on a gadget of this type. And when it comes to downloading videos to your computer, it is a total breeze. The Flip UltraHD has a built in USB connector so all you have to do is hook it up and download, real simple.

Check out the great deal on this Flip camera and register at so you can get in on the auction and place your bids. Register here and get in on the fun today.

If you miss this auction, don’t worry because there are tons of other great deals on all kinds of electronics, gift cards, computers, perfume, clothing, purses and more at

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Nina Ricci For Women Perfume Auction at

Ladies, if you want to save a ton of money off of the retail price of a top of the line fragrance, check out the Nina Ricci For Women perfume auction going on at

The usual retail price of this Nina Ricci perfume is $75 for just a scant 50ml spray and as you can see from the auction pictured right here at the right, the current price is only a mere 3 cents. So somebody is going to get an incredible deal. Will it be you?

If you have never experienced a penny auction before, they are really easy to get in on. All you have to do is sign up at the auction site, get a bid pack and then start bidding on the item or items you want. Many of these sites used to only feature big ticket electronic items such as iPods, iPads, Large screen TVs, laptop computers and other stuff that might attract a more male audience, but they have started offering a more wide range of items suited to the general consumer.

They have since starred adding many different restaurant coupons and gift cards, many different kinds of women’s fashions and accessories such as high end purses and more. Not only are more general consumers now starting to participate in penny bid auction sites, but more women are as well. So, if you want to get in on the craze and save a bunch of money by getting some great bargains that simply will not see anywhere else, and I do mean anywhere, then click here to get in on the Nina Ricci For Women auction and save money.

Join here and start saving money now. Don’t wait it may be gone soon, and then you miss out.

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