Orange iPod Nano 16GB For Auction

Don’t miss out on the great deal going on right now over at the penny auction site for this orange iPod Nano 16GB. It has enough storage to hold several thousand songs and lots of video. And did you see the price? Right now this iPod Nano is going for only 4 cents.

The regular retail price of an iPod nano is usually somewhere around $189 for the 16 gigabyte version, but as you can see from h auction here, the current price is just a measly 4 cents. That’s he beauty of penny auctions if you have never been to one of these sites. You can get brand new, brand name merchandise for way, way below the retail price. You simply will not find these kind of deals anywhere else on the planet, not even at eBay or because they don’t exist.

The Apple iPod Nano started the MP3 music player revolution and it was a very basic unit at the time. Not it even comes with a touch screen so you can find your music much easier and get to it that much easier as well.

Get in on this great deal over at You can register here to get in on the fun right now and save a ton of money.

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Amazon Kindle 3G Incredible Price Discount

If you are tired of having so many books around your house (you should see ours) then the Kindle is the perfect gadget for you. And this Amazon Kindle 3G huge price discount of more than 65% off ought to get you interested in getting one of these devices.

What you would normally pay at retail for the Kindle 3G is around $150 to $190, but if you head over to the discount auction site you can get it for around the price you see for the auction at the right. As you can see right now the price for this Kindle over at Bid Rack is only $42.68 and that’s about one third of what you will pay at Amazon or Best Buy or any of the other online retailers.

Lots of people are deciding it’s much better to have all your books in one place instead of having them scattered all over your house. And the Kindle is one of the more popular reading devices out there today and it’s actually much more popular than the iPad for reading because of its non-glare, high contrast screen. It really does have an amazing screen and some people say that it is almost like reading a book. They say the screen really does look that good.

So if you want to get in on this great Amazon Kindle deal, join the auction site and start bidding now. Don’t miss out on the fun and incredible prices you won’t see anywhere else. Happy bidding!

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Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Auction

Want to not have to worry about computer viruses and get a great laptop at an even better price than you can find at places such as eBay and If you are looking for a new, yes, I said new, Apple MacBook Pro 15″ laptop computer, head over to the penny bid auction site known as and place your bids on the auction you see at the right. Where else are you going to find a comparable laptop computer at a price around $165.57?

All you have to do to participate in this auction is to join the penny auction site and get a bid pack to participate, it’s that easy. As you can see by the price on the MacBook Pro auction, you wil be paying significantly for this computer less than you would just about anywhere else. Penny auction websites are somewhat like police auctions in that you get merchandise at incredible price, but the big difference is that all the items up for auction are brand new and from the factory. At police auctions the stuff you get has been seized or recovered from theives and it isn’t always in the best condition.

Lots of people are getting incredible deals like this at the site known as and so you don’t miss out on the great deals, head over there now and get started placing your bids. You can join the site here.

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Deals On Sunglasses – Auctions At

It’s summer time and that’s the time when lots of people are heading out to the beach, taking the boat out or maybe going fishing at the lake and everyone needs eye protection from harmful UV rays so it’s time to get a new pair of sunglasses. And you can find all kinds of deals on sunglasses over at the penny auction site where tons of people shop every day.

The pair of sunglasses you see up for auction here will sell for a huge discount because the price only goes up by 1 cent every time a bid is placed. Right now these sunglasses that are valued at $18 but, the auction price is only 4 cents. It may go a little higher than that, but they won’t cost you $18 or anything close to that. That’s the beauty of these penny auction sites, get discount prices that no one else can beat. Really, try to find a pair of any kind of sunglasses for only 4 cents.

If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, why waste your time shopping at, or eBay, or even your local WalMart where you will find low prices, but you won’t find them anywhere near the price you will at At the Bid Rack penny auction site you will find not only discount sunglasses for up to 98% off, you will find all kinds of deals on merchandise such as digital cameras, PlayStations, XBox 360 game consoles, Sony home theater systems and just about everything else you will find at any other discount store.

You can get in on these sunglasses deals and a whole lot more by registering at right here. Start saving on everything here.

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Discount Sporting Goods Deals

Everyone is looking for discount sporting goods deals and one of the best places to find all kinds of sporting equipment is at the auction site. You will find all kind of merchandise there including sports watches, sunglasses, clothes and all kinds of other things for the active family and individual.

At BidRack you will find all kinds of discount merchandise priced anywhere from 50% to an incredible 98% below retail price, including many items on your sporting goods lists. There are also plenty of people scoring great deals on items such as the new iPad 2, iPods, iPhones, TVs and much more.

It’s super easy to get in on the auction action. All you have to do is head over to and sign up, get a pack of bids so you can participate in the penny auctions and you are ready to go. You then have to hunt for the items you want such as sporting goods or men’s sunglasses or whatever it is you’re looking for and the you start bidding on those items. And if you are the top bidder when the time on he clock runs out, you get the item for the final auction rice. It’s that simple.

Of course I recommend that everyone who participates in a penny auction read the site they are joining to know exactly how these auctions work, how to bid, how much bids cost, how to pay for your items won and everything else that goes along with shopping at any auction site online.

To get in on these discount sporting goods deals or any of the other deals you will find at you can find out more or join here. Don’t miss out on the fun.

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